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It's On Again! 2024 New Season Special - 10% Off Grips & Gripping Services until 1st April 2024!

PostsPosted:  07 February 2024 @ 20:08 GMTAuthor:  Allumy Golf

Get your clubs regripped in time for the new season!
Is it time to give your clubs and your game some TLC and get ready for the 2024 season with new grips?

If you haven't had your grips changed for more than 2 years, or you've played more than 60 rounds with your current ones, then they may well need changing!

Our 2024 New Season Special with big discounts on grips and regripping services is running until 1st April 2024.

Loads of swinging grips for Woods, Hybrids, Irons & Wedges in stock from top brands; Golf Pride, Lamkin, Designer Golf and Arccos.

Putter grips from SuperStroke including Traxion models, and t...

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The Importance of Spine Alignment in Golf Clubs

PostsPosted:  07 March 2023 @ 20:35 GMTAuthor:  Allumy Golf

Why is spine alignment of a golf club shaft so important?
Every golf club shaft has a spine, unless it has been specifically manufactured in a way that one would not inadvertently be created. This has been achieved by one company who have patented the process of producing a graphite shaft with no spine, however at $500 a pop that's a hefty price tag, especially if you carry 2 or 3 woods in your bag.

Graphite shafts have less of a spine, but they still have one. Created by the uncontrolled overlap of material as it is wrapped around the mandrel.

Steel shafts, due to the manufacturing process have a much more prominent spine which is ...

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Arccos: Amateur Golf's Technical Revolution

PostsPosted:  07 March 2023 @ 18:27 GMTAuthor:  Allumy Golf

How Arccos has given amateur Golf the gift of technology!
In this post we look at the amazing technology brought to us by Arccos Golf, and what it offers the amateur golfer to help improve their game.

I looked at Arccos initially while searching for a new set of clubs. I also looked into the Arccos platform because I wanted to see precisely how far I was actually hitting a real ball, on real courses, in real conditions. My interest in this perked by the introduction of radar-based ball tracking at most of the driving ranges I frequented, and a desire to compare the "optimised" distances with factual data. My initial rea...

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Goodbye Swingweight, You Mean Nothing To Us!

PostsPosted:  03 March 2023 @ 16:33 GMTAuthor:  Allumy Golf

Swingweight this, Swingweight that, B4, D2, but what does it mean?
Sadly, despite major brands making it some kind of important measurement, and it being pushed towards golfers as such, we'll explain why Swingweight has very little to do with weight, and has absolutely no relevance to a golf swing, other than the fact that you swing a golf club.

Let's assume that there is some relevance to a golf swing, at the very least it should be called Swingbalance.

Firstly, let's take a look at how Swingweight is measured...

The club (including fitted grip) is placed on the Swingweight scale with the clubhead toe pointed to the floor. The Swingweight scale has a pivot point at exactly 14 inches from the butt end of the club, and a weighted sliding "selector" which is positioned to the desired Swingweight on the scale. In order to balance the club to the desired Swingweight you will add weight to either the tip end using tip weights, or at the butt end, traditionally achieved by using a small canister concealed within the ...

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