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Golf Club Shafts

Broken/Aged Shaft Replacement, Spine Alignment & Japanese Quality

Shaft Replacement

If you simply require replacement of a broken golf club shaft or two, Allumy Golf can source and fit a matching shaft for your set (subject to availability), and where approproate perform frequency matching to ensure the new shaft also matches in flex.

Aged Shafts

No matter which side of the fence you are on, it is a possibilty that golf club shafts could change with age.

Our post "Nothing Lasts Forever - Including Golf Shafts" delves into the technicalities of the debate.

In either case, this is something that can be checked and monitored over time. Provided we can obtain the relevant numbers from the manufacturer, we certainly can tell if a shaft has changed flex since its' fabrication.

Allumy Golf can do this as a specific health-check of your shafts, or whenever we do some work on them, and will keep an ongoing record linked to your profile which you can access online.

Spine Alignment

Every shaft fitted by Allumy Golf is spine aligned, another important factor that is neglected by major brands due to cost. The few minutes of care that is taken to align a spine correctly is vital, however very expensive when constructing hundreds or thousands of clubs along the production line.

Read "The Importance of Spine Alignment in Golf Clubs" for further information about spine alignment.

Even brand new clubs straight from the shop floor or direct from the manufacturer, would probably not be sufficiently aligned and could be improved by undergoing this process. After spending several hundreds of pounds on new clubs, we realise that this is a futher outlay but feel it is worth recommending, with our prices ranging from only £11 per club.

Finest Quality Japanese Shafts

Japanese shafts are the best shafts in the world, fact. Japanese steel and graphite shafts are made from higher quality materials and are produced using superior manufacturing techniques with much more precision.

We recommend and preferably fit only the finest quality Japanese graphite and steel golf club shafts from top manufacturers such as Hiskei, Yonex and Nippon.

Japanese Graphite Shafts

  Hiskei Graphite Shafts Hiskei AT40 Graphite Shaft Hiskei AT46 Dot Graphite Shaft Hiskei AT46 Tiger Graphite Shaft Hiskei AT50 Graphite Shaft Hiskei AT60 Graphite Shaft Hiskei AT70 Graphite Shaft

Hiskei Graphite Shafts

Hiskei is a Korean company, however their shafts are manufactured in Japan and therefore carry the quality of material and construction expected from Japanese manufactured shafts.

Many weight, flex and style options available.

from £90.00

fitted inc VAT

  Yonex Graphite Shafts Yonex Rexis Kaiza L Graphite Shaft Yonex Rexis Kaiza M Graphite Shaft Yonex Rexis Kaiza M2 Graphite Shaft Yonex Rexis Kaiza H Graphite Shaft

Yonex Graphite Shafts

Yonex are the pinnacle of graphite shaft production and are priced accordingly being at the top end. Their quality of graphite shafts is however, superior to all and second to none.

Each model available in variety of weight/flex.


fitted inc VAT

Japanese Steel Shafts

Unlike steel shafts manufactured in other parts of the world, Japanese steel shafts are "quenched" differently during production, offering greater control over the shaft's wall shape and construction, and are also subjected to a special heat-treatment which undoubtedly provides greater protection against natural stiffening.

None more so than Nippon Shaft, who have a patent on this shaft manufacturing process and provide an extensive range of shafts offering different characteristics. We are 100% confident that somewhere in the Nippon range, there is a perfect shaft for every golfer.

  Nippon Steel Shafts Nippon Shaft Zelos 6 Nippon Shaft Zelos 7 Nippon Shaft Zelos 8 Nippon Shaft 850GH Neo Nippon Shaft 950GH Neo Nippon Shaft Modus³ Tour

Nippon Steel Shafts

NS Pro Zelos 6, 7, & 8
NS Pro 850GH/950GH Neo
NS Pro Modus3 Tour & Wedge

Single Shaft.....£40.00
Half-Set x6 5i-PW.....£237.00
Half-Set x7 4i-PW.....£273.00
Half-Set x8 3i-PW.....£310.00
Full-Set x11 3i-PW+GW+SW+LW = £420.75

All prices include fitting & VAT

Golf Club Custom Fitting

Custom Fitting & Building

Whether you would like to improve the performance of your existing golf clubs, or are looking for a completely new set, Allumy Golf will work with you to determine the optimum configuration for your golf clubs and equipment set-up as well as incorporating your own individual style.

This includes the correct selection of grips and shafts, loft, lie and gapping (where appropriate), and also the optimal choice of golf ball, through thorough analysis of extensive data collected with our GCQuad launch monitor in our purpose built Golf Studio.

Contact Allumy Golf today to enquire about our golf club shaft services, and for more information about Hiskei, Yonex & Nippon shafts.

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