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Clubsmith Services

Clubsmith Services covering golf club repair, restoration & maintenance.

Golf Club Repair, Refurbishment & Maintenance

All aspects of golf club repair, refurbishment and maintenance at reasonable prices.

Replacement of tired grip(s) - Sourced your own grips? We'll happily fit them for you. £5 per club.
Replacement of broken/tired shaft(s) - We'll fit shafts that you have sourced yourself. £10 steel, £20 graphite per club.
Sourcing of replacement club(s)
Deep clean, polishing, repainting
Loft/lie (gapping) adjustments
Golf Club Grips

Grips & Gripping Services

Are your grips correctly sized? ...or simply worn out?

We carry a wide range of club and putter grips in stock. Full set regripping (13 clubs) ready in less than 1 hour. Free grip size assessment.

Arccos embedded grips and putter sensors available.

Mobile Grip Fitting Service
We offer mobile grip fitting throughout Rutland, Melton Mowbray and Stamford. 6 grip minimum order

Golf Club Shafts

Shafts & Shaft Fitting

Replacement graphite and steel shafts in stock.

Have your golf club shafts stiffened with age? If they were not manufactured in Japan, and are more than 2 years old the answer is probably "Yes, they are at least a flex stiffer than before". Even if they were fitted to you, they will no longer release at the kick point unless you are swinging them considerably faster.

All shafts fitted by Allumy Golf are spine-aligned, ensuring consistent flex on the natural bending plane.

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