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Science That Will Blow Your Mind

Counterweighting golf clubs at the butt end is not a new idea. Professional golfers have been doing it for years, initially with heavy lead tape hidden under the grip or inside the shaft itself. As the years and technologies have progressed, actual weights designed to fit inside the butt of the club became manufacturable and have been around for some considerable time.

Why counterweight at the butt end? ... the essential reason is to balance the weight of your clubs from butt to head so that during the swing, you can maintain balance AND the arc, plane and path of the club head. In addition, a set of balanced clubs should pretty much all feel the same during the transition and downswing, allowing development of a "single swing" for all your clubs. This leads to a more consistent swing across the board and the eventual result being more accurate and consistent delivery of the club to the ball; power transfer (= predictable distance), squareness of the face, angle of attack, and therefore tighter dispersion and control overall.

"Isn't that what Swingweight is all about?" I hear you ask. The simple answer is that it is supposed to be, the major brands tout it as being the defacto standard and full of meaning, however in practice, it is an archaic and severely flawed concept. Read our post "Goodbye Swingweight, You Mean Nothing To Us!", which explains in detail the issues with the Swingweight concept.

Trial & Error - working out what counterweights are required to go into each club has been very much an intensive trial and error process based on feel and reflection on performance. All very well for people who play golf all day, every day, and can dedicate considerable time to such an activity. For the rest of us, this has simply been unattainable (without the time and/or multiple sets of expensive clubs i.e a current set + development set or three), and in any case, attempting to play while the process is unfinished would probably do us more damage than good.

Lucky for us, those days are gone!

The BioMatch® system from Rational Golf is a proven scientific method for balancing your clubs and matching them to your unique bio-mechanics, at a price that doesn't break the bank.

Taking club metrics and combining them with your physical profile, this astonishing system will calculate YOUR optimal arc and plane of swing throughout your set of clubs, while factoring in the forces working in the X, Y AND Z axes. The extremely sophisticated calculation delivers the precise counterweight required for each of your clubs to consistently maintain their course along the correct path back to the ball, assuming you swing along the optimal arc and plane.

Once the process is complete and clubs are configured with counterweights installed, all that's left is to adapt to, and develop the "single swing" with our matched clubs to elevate our consistency on the whole.

The magic ingredient to this scientific wonder is the use of the MOIG (Moment Of Inertia around the GRIP) metric. If you have read our blog post above, you will understand why previous methods of balancing clubs have no relevance to an actual golf swing. The MOIG however, is completely relevant to the forces involved at the point where the club actually pivots, and is absolutely aligned to the axes and plane of a golf swing.

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Includes initial consultation to gather required metrics of your clubs and physical bio data. Cost of counterweights and installation also included.

Compatible with Arccos Smart Grips (not compatible with screw in sensors). Counterweights can be hidden under the grip.


fitted inc VAT

Contact Allumy Golf for enquiries and further information about BioMatch, or read more about BioMatch at Rational Golf.

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