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Custom Fitting

Custom Golf Equipment & Club Fitting/Building

Golf Equipment Tailored To You

Allumy Golf will work with you to assess any and all aspects of your golf equipment, to produce a configuration of grips, shafts, ball and accessories in which you can be confident and should allow you to play your best, consistent Golf.

If you'd just like to check over and fine-tune what you already have, or build a complete new set, an Allumy Golf fitting will tell us unequivocally what works best for you and ensure a perfect fit, feel and consistent performance.

Throughout the fitting process we will collect, analyse and consider an abundance of data usually neglected by major brand fitters. Whether we are simply selecting new grips for your clubs, or overhauling your entire set, we will provide advice based on in-depth data obtained from either our SkyTrak or GCQuad launch monitors.

During a fitting, it is imperative that you do not feel that your Golf ability is being JUDGED. Allumy Golf are not instructors or coaches. Think of Allumy Golf more like a data analyst/interpreter.

Grip Selection

Correct grip size, compound selection and feel will be considered when selecting the best grip for you.
And where available, different style and/or colour options to give a touch of personalisation.

Please see our dedicated Grips page for information about Grips & Gripping Services from Allumy Golf.


Consideration of shaft length, weight, flex and feel (kickpoint) are all important factors which are assessed to help identify the best shaft for each of your clubs.

Read more about shafts on our dedicated Shafts page.


At an Allumy Golf fitting, we only hit real golf balls.
In our opinion, this not only provides much more accurate data over range/practice balls, in doing so we are also able to determine which ball(s) work best for YOU.
Optimal compression rating, feel, trajectory, carry distance, spin and stopping power can all be established.

In-Depth Data Analysis

All assessment and advice is based on actual data from our launch monitors, including club head speed, club face angle, angle of attack, smash factor (efficiency), launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, range of dispersion... to name a few!

The Perfect Setup

You will leave with a perfectly built set of clubs and equipment that will perform efficiently and consistently, feel great, and allow you to concentrate on other factors on and around the golf course to improve your game, shoot lower scores and most importantly, ENJOY the game of Golf!

Ongoing Development

Of course, once you have a set of golf clubs and equipment tailored to your current ability, it is inevitable that your skill will improve and you may quickly out-grow or out-perform your equipment, especially in the case of juniors and adults who are committed to improving their game of golf.

Allumy Golf are committed to maintaining ongoing relationships with our customers and will happily re-evaluate at any time, and accomodate alterations and upgrades with arrangements to keep the costs affordable.

All and any data that we collect will be linked to your Allumy Golf customer profile, which you can access online at any time via our Online Customer Portal.

Arccos Registered Club Fitter

As an Arccos registered Club Fitter, selecting us within your Arccos profile will enable us to access your Arccos data, which we can monitor over time and assess areas where your equipment could be further enhanced.
(Arccos sensors and subscription required).

For more information about golf club and equipment fitting at Allumy Golf, Contact Allumy Golf today.

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